Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Again I'm lucky...

Okay, my studio is a mess since it's totally torn up due to unexpected water coming in and soaking the carpet and anything else sitting on the floor. Unfortunately getting water in the studio means everything has to be moved so I can take the carpet up. I know that no one should have carpet in their studio but it was there when I bought it and it's really plush and lovely so I've kept it. The "dirty side" of the studio is uncarpeted. Of course that side is dry.

Tomorrow the "guys" come from the place that deals with floods and fires (see why I'm feeling lucky) and I'll find out if the carpet can be salvaged and if it can, will my studio ever smell sweet again. Because it really stinks right now! The sewer backed up once in my old studio and I had 12" of standing sewage filling my entire studio. So once again, I'm feeling lucky that this is at least somewhat clean water.

This event should teach me that procrastination never works. I left the making and/or the finishing of most of my major pieces for my show this weekend, Riverwalk Fine Art Fair in Naperville IL, until this week. For no particular reason other than lots of other jobs seemed more important and some were (Dad's books for example). But now, I'm in trouble since it's really hard to work when you can't get to some parts of your studio!

But I just got an e-mail from a friend who got bit by a dog a week ago and got 60 stitches plus staples and more in her head. Again, feeling pretty lucky that all I have is water...

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