Friday, February 13, 2015

Do you really want me to open your e-mail???

"I just unsubscribed from your e-mails and for only one reason. They come in from Arts Business Institute and the subject is always just… Arts Business Institute. There is absolutely nothing there to make me WANT to open it. Tell me in the subject line something about what it’s about. Make me WANT to open it rather than just delete every single one without opening. When I get hundreds and more e-mails every day, I do a quick skim and I’ll open just those e-mails that interest me. Unfortunately even though I’ve been a longtime supporter, I haven’t opened one of your e-mails in a very, very long time."

This is what I just sent to the Arts Business Institute. A good organization but they don't know the first thing about sending out a good e-mail that will be opened. I don't have all the answers but this one is easy. If you want someone to open your e-mail, give them a reason to want to!

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