Sunday, December 28, 2014

White Sheets

For those people doing art fairs as part of their life, hotel rooms become an integral part of the whole equation. I don't really ask for much. I want the room clean with a good bed and a decent shower. All the other things are an added bonus but not crucial. So the latest trend in hotels upgrading their bedding is a great bonus for me because I dearly love snuggling under good sheets and a wonderful comforter. Now I rarely stay in the rooms that add the fluffy comforter but even the lower end hotels have nicer sheets now. Which brings me to my search for crisp white hotel-like sheets for home. And do they exist?
So far my quest has left me disappointed but I search on for those crisp but soft, smooth white sheets that just about guarantee you a great nights sleep because not all of life's goals have to be lofty ones!

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