Thursday, May 9, 2013

What I learned from "the Flood"

Today was my first day back in the studio since "the flood". Not like the big huge floods that happened around our area but bad enough. So what have I learned from the experience?
  • I have way too much "stuff" which is what made dealing with the flood so much harder.
  • Wet carpet tiles are really, really heavy.
  • Life does go on even without being able to save the yummy, cushy carpeting that covered half the floor and saved my back and knees.
  • I learned that vinyl floor coverings are really, really ugly and way too expensive for how ugly they are.
  • I have way too much stuff...
"Sell, donate, recycle or dump" became my mantra. It's amazing how much left the studio in one of these ways and how good it felt. Kind of a fresh start in an old space. 

My job now is to concentrate on making jewelry but once I have a break in my shows, I'm back to clearing more things out, both studio and home. This feels good...


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