Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Love this time of year!

This is my time of year! Constant art fairs, constant time in the studio, pushing to make new work. Changing the display? No, leave it the same but add new touches. Quit trying to reinvent something that's working just fine. Get new postcards ordered to get them printed and out, advertising where I'll be. Trying to remember which I've sent, which ones need to be done and what about the e-mail blasts. Too many hot shows means the jewelry needs to be spiffed up between shows. Hot sweaty fingers and beautiful jewelry don't mix well and that doesn't even count the customers trying things on! Oh geez, what do I need to make next? Spread everything out and see where there are holes. Try to find a clean surface big enough to do this. Ordering supplies constantly and cursing when they no longer ship quickly which means I'm waiting, waiting... Do I have any clothing that is cooler than what I wore at my last show??? Do I do curtains or panels at my next show? Yup - love this time of year!!!

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