Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fiesta Arts Fair

This is my favorite glass guy, Earl James and the big award he won at the San Antonio Fiesta Arts Fair. Well deserved!
I was told that this show normally has lines snaking into the street before the show opens on the first day. This was what it looked like on our first day! Rainy weather didn't help anything today!
Yes, I can finally say that I've seen the Alamo. Alright, I was in the car, pulled over to the curb but at least I've finally seen it! Now I want to see inside.
Not the best shot but this was the inside of a restaurant, Mexican of course where we ate. During Fiesta, it's a wild time. Great fun.

Sales were slow today but we're thinking that this year it will be a one day show and that day will be Sunday since the weather will be much better tomorrow. It's such a fun show that I really want it to work! I want to come back!


Lore said...

Hola Bonnie !
I hope you had a better day on Sunday. I was there and it was incredible.
Fiesta Arts Fair is great and I am sure next year you will have Two Great sunny days !!
You have to see the inside of the Alamo, it is very nice.

Patricia Hecker said...

Memories from a great time spent with you!