Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Being on a waiting list

As an "art fair artist" there are times you just don't get into all the shows you apply to. Okay, I never get into everything I apply for but overall my track record is pretty good. This winter I'm wait listed for 2 shows and I really want to get in!

ArtFest Fort Myers is this weekend and I've made the commitment to be there, even if I don't get in off the wait list. So what I'm hoping is that a bunch of jewelers had fantastic shows last weekend and don't have enough work left to do the show so they have to cancel! I may be dreaming but I'm hoping to get lucky and actually get in.

As the co-director of an art fair myself, the Garage Sale Art Fair, I'm getting calls and e-mails from our artists on the waiting list wanting to know if there have been any cancellations. It's hard on both sides of this. It's hard to tell people that really want to do the show that there isn't a space yet. But darn it - it's much harder to be the one waiting!!!

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