Thursday, July 23, 2009

Best in Show!

Boy, it's not often I get a chance to talk about something that kept a grin on my face for days, but this did. My jewelry won "Best in Show" at the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair on State Street! My first "Best in Show" ever! That award is usually won by fabulous painters or glass blowers, not jewelers.

The fun started early since I wasn't in my booth when they came to give me the award. I had chosen that time to walk around and see some of the show for myself. I got back and started telling Shoaleh what I had seen. What I didn't notice, for quite a while in fact, was that she was wearing this big blue ribbon across her chest! Yes, I did finally notice.

Then came the fun of deciding where to put the ribbon. My initial idea of wearing it as a necklace was quickly vetoed and the ribbon spent it's days moving around the booth. A list of the winners was written up in the local newspaper on Friday so that started the people coming and looking for who won the awards. Not sure it helped sales but it definitely helped keep me grinning!


John Bauman said...

Congratulations on your BEST OF SHOW !

I didn't get the chance to walk the show much, but if I'd had more time I'd have walked down your way and congratulated you in person.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer or more deserving craftsman!

Patricia Hecker said...

❤ ❤ Beautiful and so well deserved! ❤ ❤


Shawn Malone said...

Just found your blog. Cool, Bonnie! A big Congrats!