Friday, April 17, 2009

Great Lakes Art Fair

This is my booth at the Great Lakes Art Fair with my new black bottoms. It makes the booth kind of dark but I'm asking all my friends for their opinions. This isn't a good picture. So Pat, what do you think, since this was your idea???

It's so much fun doing an indoor show and this one has all kinds of other things going on as well. Massages are available which at the moment, sound like heaven! There's a martini bar and frozen vodka. Might make doing a show a bit tough but both sound like fun!

The people running the show are wonderful and I'm really happy to be here. Day one is almost done and then the party with music by George Benson. Can't possibly be the real one can it?

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Patricia Hecker said...

Jon loves the George Benson concert.......George Benson & Joe Farrell.that was classic mid 70's jazz fusion......Jon grew up on that working in a record store!!

Pat & Jon vote 'YES' on the black velvet display cases. it puts all emphasis on your stunning work!

*******Jon wants you to name the graphic significance of the album cover of their debut release.********